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Ellicott City Copy Center
Xerox Copies Blue Prints
8321 Main Street
Ellicott City, Maryland 21043
(301) 465-5265

April 29, 1992

Dear Business Owner:

Let us introduce ourselves. We are the Wendel Family who have just purchased the Ellicott City Copy Center (ECCC). Many of you have known and used the ECCC for the last ten years and we thank you for your previous support. Continue reading

Maximillian Kolbe sheltered many Christians and Jews during the 2nd World War and finally for his efforts was imprisoned in the Nazi concentration camp. As convict #16670 he is best known for taking the place of a family man who was sentenced to death at Auschwitz. He offered to take the man’s place in the underground starvation pit after one other man had escaped the camp. Continue reading

After almost twenty years in Ellicott City, printing flyers, envelopes, brochures, newsletters, business cards, menus, and faxing many documents all over the world, it was time for a change. Nothing stays the same and the printing business was no exception.

The first thing to go was faxing. Email, texting, cell phones, Facebook, Twitter all made communication instantaneous. Also many people started getting their newsletters via email. However, email often doesn’t get read and news gets lost in the thousands of old messages we all have.

Twenty years later our five children were all married adults with children of their own. Time is precious and we wanted more time doing and less time commuting. So by the grace of God, I was able to sell the building that housed our Copy Center and combine my printing business with my husband Dan’s Tax & Accounting services in Lanham, MD. It is just a short twenty minutes from our home.

We still provide printing service for many businesses on Main Street in Ellicott City, MD and happily deliver jobs whenever requested. If you are reading this in Ellicott City or Baltimore, don’t hesitate to email a flyer, menu, newsletter or business card order. We are still a complete printing company and have added total mailing services in the last five years. Through the magic of instantaneous communication we are still right next door.


Celia Wendel