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Monthly Archives: January 2015

As we grow older and older we become caricatures of our former selves. We say and do things that we only thought about when we were younger. People may laugh at our actions or looks but it doesn’t really matter. The façade is gone. We appear truly as ourselves-for better or worse. As I think about Dutch Hoffman or Joe Bianchini or John Groves, I am so happy that I knew them when I knew them. Their open spirits enriched my life. May I courageously take off the mask that hungers for human respects I mature and be truly the person that I should be as an authentic child of God.

saying-the-rosary-with-little-childrenI think little children still have one foot in heaven. My little grandson loves to kiss images of Jesus and Mary. Jesus said we should be ‘childlike’. I think childlike means trusting, believing and loving. So when I talk to little ones about the rosary, before I get all complicated, I keep it simple. I have them hold the beads, kiss the cross and as they first use the beads just touch each one and say “Jesus loves me”, next “I love Jesus”. – over and over. After all the rosary is a tool whereby we connect with our Lord in heaven. As Saint Padre Pio says, It is a weapon against the devil. It is rope that connects us to heaven. So start simple and as the children grow, add the sign of the cross.

Then as they grow older, I have them say one decade of the rosary and just think about that decade such as the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. I often did this one decade as I drove my children and grandchildren to school or to the store. Every now and then they would ask to say another but not often.


Celia Wendel