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Monthly Archives: September 2015

I want to be who I am
I don’t want to trick others into thinking I am younger than I am
I like my circumference
I like my multicolor hair
I like my imperfect body
I need to be at peace with who I am now and not try to be the Celia of twenty years ago
I am tired of listening to those who say, “Color your hair, whiten your teeth, lose forty pounds and then you’ll be happy”
—Hogwash, Bulldoocky!

I want to enjoy today with my dear husband
Who never notices if I am wearing my shirt inside out
My dogs who love me even with my messy hair
My children who love to joke about my “high-waters” or my goofy shoes,
But who love me anyway
My friends who enjoy feeling superior to such an awful housewife
My grandchildren who just plain love me because I am theirs
I believe God is glad that I am finally ‘getting’ it!
Now I am truly free to know, love and serve Him in this world
and look forward to being with Him in the next!


Celia Wendel