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Why the Name Kolbe’s Copies?

Maximillian Kolbe sheltered many Christians and Jews during the 2nd World War and finally for his efforts was imprisoned in the Nazi concentration camp. As convict #16670 he is best known for taking the place of a family man who was sentenced to death at Auschwitz. He offered to take the man’s place in…

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What Happened to the Copy Center?

After almost twenty years in Ellicott City, printing flyers, envelopes, brochures, newsletters, business cards, menus, and faxing many documents all over the world, it was time for a change. Nothing stays the same and the printing business was no exception.

The first thing to go was faxing. Email, texting, cell phones, Facebook, Twitter all made communication instantaneous…

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April 19, 1992

Dear Business Owner:
Let us introduce ourselves. We are the Wendel Family who have just
purchased the Ellicott City Copy Center (ECCC). Many of you have known and used the ECCC for the last ten years and we thank you for your previous

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Celia’s Rosary Project

It was only through God’s grace that I was able to purchase the Ellicott City Copy Center and its building in 2001. The first little miracle I had was meeting Michael who I met through a customer at the Copy Center. He was in charge of the Small Business initiative in Howard County. 

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Celia Wendel