Let us print, address, and mail your documents!

Kolbe’s Copies is a full service copy shop in Lanham MD. Serving people, businesses, and churches in DC, MD, & VA. We offer full color or black and white, double sided, and large sized prints.

  • Flyers & Brochures

What is a flyer?  It is usually some sort of object– a plane, ladybug, bird, or helicopter that flies by quickly.  A paper flyer flies by the person with a few choice words done in hopefully a tantalizing way.  If a set of ideas or fact sheets need to be presented then brochures are the way to go.  At Kolby’s copies we can quickly produce hundreds of flying papers full of words that catch the attention of your target audience.

  • Newsletters & Bulletins

If your community, church, civic association, or league would like more information on our price structure for newsletters, and/or bulletins, request a quote.

  • Menus

We print the menus for many businesses on Main Street in Ellicott City, MD. Menus have been a staple of our Center for years.  Take Outs, Kids, Special Event menus can be produced on specialty paper quite quickly.

  • Funeral Programs

Over the years our Center has created and printed quite a few funeral programs.  It is always a difficult time when someone passes away.  We have been able to ease the burden on the family and produce meaningful memories celebrating the life of the loved one.

  • Grant Proposals

Over the years the copy center has rescued several groups who needed multiple copies of complicated grant proposals at the last minute.  Call us if you need quick help. Emergencies are our specialty.

  • Business Cards & Rubber Stamps

Calling or business cards have been around for centuries.  I remember reading in the book Little Women how the sisters left a tasteful card at the home of someone they visited.  So many times names are forgotten right after introductions but if you leave a card behind, the client can call you back without being embarrassed because they don’t’ remember your name.  So if you would like a memorable Business card or rubber stamp designed, please consider us.

  • Mailing Services

We started offering bulk mailing services in 2009. We also can print, address, and mail your letters, Christmas cards, and birth announcements.

  • Envelopes

No need to hand write your return address or use stickers. Let us print your address directly on the envelopes. Need envelopes in a hurry?  We can print them on our digital duplicators in black or blue ink.

  • Typing

Do you need typing services? Have you been writing a book for the last twenty years as I have?  (Mine is almost finished) And you need someone to digitize your many sheets of treasured writings. Request a quote today!

  • Resumes

Give the right first impression, let us help with your resume.

  • Graphic Design

Need a flyer, business card, or brochure designed? Request a quote today!


Celia Wendel